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rajakormi's Journal

10 August
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I LOVE U KNOW YUNHO | Credits to Fearless123

The perfect husband and wife.

I was once in love with gakuhai, I just couldn't get enough of them. I loved reading gakuhai fics and listening to the songs of gacchan and his beautiful Hyde. but gradually I became disillusioned with a fandom that consisted of only 1 movie that was made years ago.
so I started looking elsewhere for something more genuine and fulfilling. so clearly by accident I fell upon a much younger and trendier couple called JaeHo / YunJae. I wasn't convinced at first, dismissing their PDA's as just fan service, but the more I saw them in numerous vids, pics and interviews I finally became convinced that Yunjae was real and true and that yunho and jae were in love. a love so deep and pure that it touched the darkest depths of my heart. now my entire world revolves around the handsome, smart, sexy, intelligent. elegant yet manly yunho and his beautiful jae.

Since news of the lawsuit and the indefinite hiatus of DBSK, I've become somewhat disillusioned with Jae. but I believe in always keeping the faith and earnestly await the day I'll be bale to see my Yunjae back together again.

I LOVE DONG BANG | Credits to Fearless123

Yunho is the centre of my life.


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